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Plant Manager

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**Must have experience with grey sand, foundry, metallurgy, casting, and ductile iron.**


•This position develops strategic and tactical plans, oversees facility processes, and manages staff in accordance with regulatory procedures and ethical standards

•You’ll support the negotiation of, and adherence to infrastructure service agreements with local government, service providers, and utilities

•This role creates strategies and support systems to achieve the objectives of the plant, develops systems to ensure continuous improvement, supports Operating System and lean manufacturing principles, and ensures communication and cooperation among all plant functions and with other Casting Plants

•Direct plant organizational strategies by contributing information, analysis, and recommendations to critical thinking and direction, establishing functional objectives in line with organization goals

•Prepare critical measurements; implement production, productivity, quality, customer-service, safety, security, and health strategies; lead system improvements

•Direct plant financial strategies by anticipating requirements, trends, and variances; developing action plans; measuring and analyzing results; initiating corrective actions; minimizing the impact of variances

•Plan plant operations by evaluating sales and delivery information

•Deliver customer-acceptable products by enforcing quality standards

•Improve quality production results by studying, evaluating, and re-designing processes, implementing changes

•Maintain organization stability and reputation by following legal requirements

•Maintain safe and healthy plant environment by adhering to organization standards and legal regulations

•Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends

•Contribute to plant and organization success by welcoming new requests and helping others accomplish job results

•Direct human resource strategies by determining accountabilities; communicating and enforcing values and policies; implementing recruitment, selection, training, coaching, disciplinary, and communication programs; planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions; reviewing compensation strategies

•Seek to improve safety, 5S, and visual management continuously

•Support and participate in Kaizen and other Lean Manufacturing activities

•Optimize production schedules and meet quality and cost standards

•Enhance production efficiency and continuously seek to reduce the cost of operations by developing new, and refining current, processes and using the work force more efficiently

•Supervise production operations, coordinating with Maintenance, Plant Engineering, and Environmental through direct reports to maintain coordination and control of operation across departments and all shifts

•Maintain conformance with budget and proper utilization of personnel, equipment, and facilities

•Ensure that all departments follow established guidelines for safety, production, quality, and environmental quality

•Oversee and direct the preparation of operating budgets for plant departments

•Administer budgets and monitor budget compliance during the business year, taking appropriate corrective action in the event of a budget variance

•Promote safety through communication, training and leadership by example

•Develop and administer manufacturing and operating plans to meet established goals and objectives