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Tooling Engineer

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The Tooling Engineer is responsible to manage all tooling and tooling build timelines to ensure consistently high-quality components are produced on time and cost effectively



The Tooling Engineer is expected to ensure the most up to date technologies are utilized to continuously improve our product, meeting our customer’s expectations



The Tooling Engineer has input into the short- and long-term strategic tooling plans as well



Ensure that budgets and objectives are achieved and/or exceeded with respect to tooling



Responsible for forecasting and budgeting related to tooling



Co-ordinates with other departments and facilities the implementation, development, and improvement of new and old programs tooling requirements



Co-ordinates the fabrication of all required tooling and equipment to support old and new programs



Coordinates and implements engineering changes on new and existing tooled programs



Develop and maintains a tooling manual



Acts as technical contact for vendors on tooling issues



Develops and maintains all tooling progress reports



Coordinates FMEA on all new tooling



Ensures company guidelines for part scrap are adhered to during tooling design process



Workday to day with production quality issues pertaining to stampings or sub- assemblies



Ensure PPAP’s are achieved on time



Approve and sign off on tooling and gauges



Quote tooling and piece price internally by developing process and strip layouts



Send RFQ’s to vendors and participate in decisions when sourcing