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Facilities Engineer

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The Facilities Engineer Performs And Collaborates With Maintenance, Safety And Management On Tasks That Promote a Clean And Safe Working Environment For The Building’s Employees,

Tasks Include:

• Delegating cleaning and maintenance tasks to team members • Monitoring the safety and cleanliness of interior and exterior areas, such as offices, conference rooms, parking lots and outdoor recreation spaces • Performing routine maintenance on facilities and making repairs as needed • Scheduling routine inspections and emergency repairs with outside vendors • Ensuring proper security measures for the workplace, including collaborating with security system vendors or a team of security professionals • Maintaining day-to-day operations of facilities, such as delegating or completing maintenance orders • Creating reports on maintenance, repairs, safety and other occurrences for supervisors and other relevant staff • Preparing facilities for changing weather conditions • Collaborating with building owners and upper management on budgeting for facilities needs

Minimum Qualifications

Know and follow all applicable SH&E POLICIES AND PROCEDURES • Experience with CAD Software – preferably AUTOCAD. • Knowledge of processes and systems in an Industrial Environment • Understanding of PLC’s and other control systems • Ability to read and comprehend drawings and specifications• Computer literate in Microsoft Office, SAP • Excellent verbal and written communication skills