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Maintenance Tool Room Group Leader

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Job Title: Tool Room Team Leader

Department: Tool Room


To repair and maintain injection and EBM/IBM mould tools to a high standard.

To supervise the tool room and work load ensuring repairs and maintenance takes place to pre-determined times and estimates.

  • Tool room management, assigning jobs to the tool room resources according the established priorities.
  • Plan and monitor workload to maximise tool efficiency using KPI’s.
  • Prove tooling and troubleshoot until running acceptably.
  • Strip, rebuild tools for maintenance / repair and service.
  • Manage the current preventive tool maintenance program.
  • Operation of lathes, millers, grinders etc.
  • Use of measuring equipment such as micrometres and verniers.
  • Mentor for apprentices and trainer for other employees.
  • All employees are required to maintain safe working practices by adhering to the Health and Safety policies of the company in place at any given time.
  • The post holder may be required to perform duties other than those given in the job description. The particular duties and responsibilities attached to the post may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed. Such variations are a common occurrence and do not in themselves justify the re-evaluation of the post.

  • Excellent communication skills, able to communicate clearly with external toolmaker, suppliers and customers.
  • Strong team player with the capability to build teams.
  • Competent Microsoft programs experience e.g. Excel …
  • Hands on manager, able to manage a work load in a fast moving 24/7 production environment with a small team of tool technicians.
  • Can fault find on modern Injection Mould hot runner systems and refit heaters when required.
  • Has a very good understanding of tooling designs.
  • A good eye for detail


  • Design skills using CAD
  • A degree of flexibility so far as working hours are concerned to accommodate the needs of the business