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Packaging Engineer

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Packaging Engineer Role Summary

– Establishes processes, standards, and templates for the Packaging Engineering Team.

– Must ensure safe and cost-effective packaging selection for optimal handling and storage of all parts.

– Integrates and communicates professionally with key points of contact within customer and supplier teams and all departments to get buy-in/sign-off on packaging concepts and packaging-related projects.

– Research industry practices and recommends new and innovative logistic and/or packaging procedures/methods, depending on the manufacturing processes, product offerings, and business needs.

– Escalates critical situations in a timely manner to the Engineering Manager.

Key Responsibilities

• Support Drive Automotive Sales in quoting potential new business.

• Work with the Drive Automotive Program Manager to establish and achieve timelines for packaging delivery based on pre-series build phases and start of production (SOP).

• Coordinate with the Drive Automotive Program Team to review all finished good rack designs relative to the design of the production location and provide feedback to the customer during development of packaging.

• Review customer loop days for all finished goods considering Drive Automotive requirements for storage and internal production/logistics processes. Provide feedback to the customer and escalate any areas of concern.

• Analyze Drive Automotive processes and product specifications to determine the packaging type (materials and size) based on physical characteristics, special handling needs, safety and ergonomics requirements, and quality standards.

• Coordinate with Sales, Purchasing, and Accounting Departments to identify and work within budgets available for each program or packaging-related project and request capital approval for purchases as needed.

• Develop or direct development of concepts, specifications, samples, and written analyses of proposed packaging in order to present design for approval.

• Coordinate with the Drive Automotive Program Team to determine part orientation and load direction considering production location and point of use.

Additional Information

• Coordinate repair of defects (if within the warranty period) with rack suppliers and Production (temporary reduction of fleet) and Logistics (scheduling, inbound/outbound) Departments.

• Develop unit load instructions (ULI) with pictures for all parts and update them at each revision (including the original or revision level 0) to reflect any and all changes. For service parts, the ULIs may be provided by a supplier who manages the packaging and shipment of service parts.

• Optimize packaging and pack quantities for all parts. This should be done when new packaging arrives and parts are available, during development of the ULI, and in reaction to recommendations from other departments or observed opportunities for improvement.

• Work with and support other departments, suppliers, and customers to resolve issues related to the function and supply of packaging.

• Work with expendable packaging suppliers to develop concepts for special shipments. • Review, provide feedback, and sign-off on expendable packaging for service parts.

• Come up with new and cost-effective ideas for packaging design, development, and management within the company (out of the box thinking).

• Perform other duties as required.

• Perform Layered Process Audits in production as required.

• Maintain 5S standards in workspace / department and hold team members accountable for meeting 5S standards.

• Track delivery of packaging and ensure that proper quantities are delivered according to the agreed delivery timeline.

• Verify proper function of custom racks at the point of use and ensure they match the master rack based on tolerance requirements upon arrival and availability of parts in order to hold rack suppliers accountable for any defects within the warranty period.

• Receive invoices based on Proof of Delivery (POD) as racks are received.

Key Qualifications/Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in Packaging, Industrial, or Mechanical Engineering or 5-10 years of related experience required. Experience in the automotive or related industry would be optimal.

• Strong computer skills including Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Power Point, Project, Word.

• Familiarity with drawing/design software including Catia and SpinFire.

• Strong interpersonal and organizational skills are required.

• Leadership skills are desired.