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Weld Lab Technician MIG

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Determine metallurgical properties of heat treated and welded steel parts. Ensure product quality by maintaining testing accuracy
 and by performing a correct determination of compliance with product requirements and specifications. Document and communicate results to production and engineering. Support the needs of the production,quality,and engineering internal customers as requested.

Follow ISO/TS 16949 guidelines KEY DUTIES :
Determination of product requirements by examination of blueprint(s) and specifications.

Preparation of steel specimens for metallographic inspection, including:

ü Accurate abrasive saw cutting along the required planes as indicated in the blueprints, and without overheating the specimen.

ü Requires working knowledge of manual and automatic abrasive saws, work holding devices, cooling requirements and proper cutting feeds.

ü Press mounting for metallographic examination.

ü Engraved identification with clear and legible numbers.

ü Grinding of mounted or unmounted specimens to achieve a flat surface with shallow parallel lines ready for final polishing.

ü Achieve a flat and mirror-like surface free of scratches by manual or automatic polishing of ground specimens.

ü Avoid pull-off of non-metallic inclusions and minimize edge round-off.

ü Acid etching of polished specimens to reveal all microstructural features to 500X magnifications or greater.

Working knowledge of induction heat treatment,carburizing, friction welding and arc welding processes to allow evaluation of carbon and low alloy steel specimens by testing and comparing with requirements, including determination of microstructural characteristics, cracking, grain size, non-metallic inclusions, surface bainite, surface decarburization and retained austenite.



  • Weld MIG & TIG, Repair, Blue Prints, Fanuc, PLC,


  • Weld Journeyman card


  • Vocational training in welding


  • Post-secondary education and related experience- trade school


  • Basic knowledge of carbon and low alloy steels and their properties.

  • Working knowledge of materials testing equipment safety and procedures, including abrasive saws, work holding devices, wheel grinders and polishers, acid etching methods and procedures, hardness testers, case depth testers and metallographic microscopes.

  • Working knowledge of blueprint reading and metrology, including use of Vernier calipers

    and understanding of metric system.


  • Minimum of 5 years experience in a manufacturing environment preferred